What is a verified account?

Any account with a blue verified badge  on their I GIVE ONLINE profile is a verified account.  In order for a profile to be verified we check government ID’s such as passports and government registers.

Why does I GIVE ONLINE verify accounts?

Verification is used to establish authenticity of identities of fundraisers and charities in order to build trust and for you to know it is safe to donate to them.

Besides verification, how can I know an account is authentic?

For an organisation, a link from an official website is the easiest way to confirm the authenticity of an I GIVE ONLINE account. For personal accounts you will need to contact them for verification.

How can I get verified?

To be verified you will need to send us a scan of your I.D (for example a copy of your passport or drivers license) and proof of your address such as a bank statement or utility bill. Please sent us an email to: admin@igiveonline.com. After you have sent us your I.D and proof of address please click on the request verification button in your profile.