Support us to protect the Islamic values of our children

Our children are growing up in a hyper-sexualised culture.  The challenges they have to contend with are far greater than we ever faced growing up, from portable technology that allows easy access to pornography and to its associated behaviours to the impact of celebrity culture on societal norms.

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Help Me Get Higher Education

My name is Mahdi Aljamal, a Palestinian refugee from Gaza, i hope this can save my dream to continue my studies abroad

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Help people with special needs in Palestine

Khan Younis Society for Training and Rehabilitation was founded in 1992 and has been licensed (2008) and is working to license (8055) where the servants with special needs (motor impairment, mental and learning difficulties) of all age groups, regardless of gender, race, religion and concentrated

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A Taste of Jaffa – Palestine in pictures

Despite the presence of Palestine in the media, the Slovenian and the wider EU public is not very familiar with its historical and socio-cultural background. Palestinian culture, literature, music, cuisine and history are often excluded from the news about Palestine. Since culture is not placed in a vacuum but is part of the political and…

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