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OneSolidUmmah is a 100% non-profit volunteer group that does charity and humanitarian work in Syria. We are everyday people who wanted to assure that the displaced and refugee women and children in Syria live, eat, and sleep better.  The management team includes members who have been actively participating in charity work in Syria since 2012, travelling to deliver humanitarian aid and support many times over. OSU is working in…

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OSU Orphan Villages

OSU started as an idea in 2012 and you were with us when we launched our first orphan home in Turkey. You were there with us when weraised them and you saw them grow, alhumdulillah. You were there when we built an orphan village in Syria, built mosques, sponsored orphans and distributed Ramadan meals. All…

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OSU Sponsor an orphan

It is estimated that out of the 2.3 million Syrian refugees, 76% of them are women are children. These are individuals who are vulnerable and have no means to support themselves. They have lost their husbands and fathers. One Solid Ummah has started an initiative which allows you to sponsor an orphan child from $50 per month.

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OSU Eid Appeal 2016

One Solid Ummah Qurbani Appeal 2016 Distributed to the most needy children in Syria.       £ Donate Checkout Added to basket

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OSU Winter Appeal 2015

OSU is embarking this winter to help 500 families receive a full winter aid package to help them survive the cold winter nights without difficulty. We are going to provide a needy Syrian family with an oil based heater with oil, jackets, gloves/scarfs, and comfy blankets. This pack will make sure Syrian families stay warm…

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Support us to protect the Islamic values of our children

Our children are growing up in a hyper-sexualised culture.  The challenges they have to contend with are far greater than we ever faced growing up, from portable technology that allows easy access to pornography and to its associated behaviours to the impact of celebrity culture on societal norms.

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Gaza Water Tanks

Assalaam Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You) and Ramadan Kareem to you all! Alhumdulillah if you are reading this then YOU have an opportunity to help the Ummah.

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One Solid Ummah Ramadan 2015

Feed A Fasting person this Ramadan in Syria. To feed one person a day is $2 and will include meat or chicken on a daily basis in every meal we serve.

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