Save the Rohingya

Save the Rohingya! More than 300,000 displaced Rohingya’s of Buthidaung Township have being trapped in the small valley of its northern part, Kyaung Taung area, near Bangladesh border since 25th August, 2017. Taking refuge in the forest and taking a high-risk path through the hills trying desperately to cross into Bangladesh is usually fatal. Bangladesh,…

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Zakat ul Fitr 2017

Pay your Zakat ul Fitr with I Give Online to various organisations around the world.

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Rohingya Tube Well Project 2017

Rohingya Tube Well Project 2017 The Problem Since 1991 until now, Rohingya refugees have fled their homes to escape persecution in Arakan, the western province of Burma. They are living in camps with hardly any access to clean water. There’s a need of thousands of tube wells in IDP’s camps and villages in Arakan. The same…

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Keep CAGE going

Support CAGE and fund our work in campaigning for those unjustly imprisoned and oppressed. Keep CAGE going.

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Keep CAGE going

Please support this cause by donating to keep cage going. I will also be cycling 35miles for this cause so please help me beat my target.

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