“It always seems impossible, until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

I Give Online was started to provide a platform to allow us to crowd fund raise for causes we believe in. We now offer millions of people around the world to share and crowdfund great things. Since starting in 2014, our platform has helped raise over £2m, and we’re growing by the day.

About us

I Give Online is a web start up based near tech hub Shoreditch, London.

Founded in 2014, we wanted I Give Online to be an easy way to help crowdfund for causes we believed in.

Quick, secure and international, we have already helped raise £1000′s. We have helped with flood relief, helping the impoverished, helping to educated the poor and needy and much more. You can even raise money for your personal cause such as a sponsored run or doctors bill.

I Give Online is a company registered in UK and Wales. Company registration number 8833591.

Who we have worked with