“It always seems impossible, until it’s done”

– Nelson Mandela

I Give Online was started to provide a platform to allow us to crowdfund for causes we believe in.

Now we offer millions of people around the world to share and crowdfund great things. Since starting in 2014, our platform has helped raise over £200k, and we’re growing by the day.

Get donations from all over the world* for your cause in a few easy steps.

I Give Online is an online international crowdfunding platform created to be accessible to all. We are a registered UK company, compliant with UK and International regulations we are based near the tech hub of the UK, Shoreditch in London.

I Give Online helps you bring your dreams to reality.

Made for all types of projects, whether  you’re crowdfunding for your local sports team, a community event or you have the next big invention. people love being involved, use the power of the crowd to help fulfil your goal or dreams.

Our website has helped people from around the world. We have helped crowdfund homes for orphans, educate children in Africa, raise money for charity by getting family and friends to sponsor you, we have also helped someone crowdfund for their University education, With I Give Online you can crowdfund for about anything although we do have some restrictions.

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